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The magnificent puff handle

The puff handle will accept a wide range of blades, as follows:

H-200 "Handy", H-250 rip, H-250 hardwood, H-250 cross, H-250 universal, H-265 cross, H-265 cross convex, H-265 universal, H-265 Huntley Oak saw and H-270 bamboo (10 in total)

so could easily form the basis of a superbly versatile tool kit for the discerning woodworker. (Or as some of our partners who fail to understand our love of fine tools would put it, "obsessive".)

But you may well wonder what all the fuss is about, and why this handle costs so much more than other z-saw handles. It doesn't look particularly special: in fact it just looks like an ordinary straight plastic handle attached to a saw blade, doesn't it?

The secret of this handle only becomes apparent when you start to use it. There is a piston inside the handle which moves backwards and forwards by inertia when the saw is used properly: by properly I mean regular full strokes using the full length of the saw blade rather than short hurried strokes.

OK. So what does this piston do, you ask?

The piston forces out a fine jet of air which blows away any sawdust obscuring your marked cutting line, as shown in the picture below:


Rather cool, don't you think?