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So what can you do with a pullsaw?

If you are that way inclined you could always build yourself a boat, as Deek did. Deek lives in Thailand where the weather is better and the water warmer, so maybe this is a less appealing project for those of us stuck in northern Europe.

So what does Deek have to say about his boatbuilding project, using a free-angle saw guide package?

"This is the 20ft sailing skiff I built with the help of the Topman Z-Saw free-angle guide package. In the course of the build I used the saw much more than any of my power saws, including for cutting out all the panels from 13 sheets of plywood. I found the process more accurate, cleaner, less stressful and almost as quick as using hand held power saws."

A  job well done, Deek, as far as I can see, so well done and thank you for sharing the project.